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A Word From Our Pastor...

It's hard to believe but January is already behind us in 2014! It is my hope that we will be able to look back on 2014 and by the grace of God say that it was an amazing year in the life of North Park. Let's pray that God would enable us to be the reproducing, disciple making church He has called us to be. Let's ask God to do what we can't do in 2014, let's ask him to transform the lives of people, beginning with us. We want to see people transformed by the gospel and equipped for a life of worship, experiencing gospel community, and engaged in the gospel mission. Let's pray that our coroporate worship gatherings, our small groups, and our mission opportunities to be rich, Christ-exalting, and fruitful. God can do great things in and through North Park... let's ask!

There are various ways and opportunities to serve at North Park and we are grateful that people give of their time and talents to partner with us in ministry. If you are serving at North Park, THANK YOU! Below the calendar you will find a list of those serving on our active deacon coucil and standing committees this year. If you have questions about the other service opportunities that are not listed below, you may contact our church office.


Pastor Josh

Upcoming @ North Park 

3    Finance Committee Meeting, 7 p.m.
8    Second Harvest Food Bank (Students), 7:45 a.m.
8    Men’s Workday, 8 a.m.
10    Deacons Meeting, 7 p.m.
16    Ministry Team Meeting, 2 p.m.
16    Church Leadership Council Meeting, 3 p.m.
23    Student Fundraiser Luncheon, After Worship
23    Pastor’s Fellowship (Dinner w/ guests), 6 p.m.
25    Business Leaders Luncheon 12-1 p.m.

2    Discover North Park, 4 p.m.
3    Finance Meeting, 7 p.m.
9    Student Walk-A-Thon / Ice Cream & Devotion, 5 p.m.
10    Deacons Meeting, 7 p.m.
23    Lord’s Supper during morning worship            
23    Ministry Team Meeting, 2 p.m.
23    Leadership Council Meeting, 3 p.m.
30    NPBC Business Meeting, Following Worship

Serving @ North Park

(New Active Deacon Council Members In Italics)

Bob Brown
Marty Cordell
Roger Simmons
John Davies
Warren Seney   
Bob Kersten
Luke King
Dave Madison (Chair)
Vaughn Dunham (1st term)
Josh Malone, Pastor (Ex-Officio)

(New Committee Member In Italics)

Finance Committee
Vaughn Dunham (Chair), 2015
Jeane Bryan, 2015                                
Frances Capshaw, 2015                 
Luke King, 2014                             
Barbara Stiles, 2014                                             
Shane Williams, 2016                                                      
John Davies (Treasurer, Ex-Offico)                 
Joyce Simmons (Finance Manager, Ex-Officio)
Josh Malone (Pastor, Ex-Officio)        

Nominating Committee                               
Christie Dunham (Chair)
Bob Howell                               
Luke King                                 
Dave Madison                                       
Becky King                                    
Pat McMakin                               
Paula Jerrells                                 

Personnel Committee
Marty Cordell (Chair), 2014              
Pam Williams, 2014                           
Selena Goddard, 2016                              
Paula Jerrells, 2015                                 
Bob Brown, 2015                                 
Wanda Wagoner, 2016                         
Josh Malone, Pastor (Ex-Officio)                     

Properties Committee

Bob Brown (Chair), 2014                     
Trish Madison, 2014                          
Mike Rivera, 2014                          
Bob Howell, 2014                     
Pat McMakin, 2015                             

Berendt Petersen, 2016

Teller Committee                               
John Davies (Treasuer, Chair)                           
Lorna Brown                   
Helen Berry                
Bob Howell                      
Billie Ruth Boylston                    
Warren Seney                        
Dottie Riter                               
Mike Rivera                       
Marty Cordell                    

Constitution and By-Laws
Pat McMakin (Chair), 2015
Trish Madison, 2015        
Dave Darling, 2016